Low-Glycemic Index Made Simple

A good animation that explains the “up and down” roller-coaster ride of blood glucose caused by eating the wrong kinds of sugars in the diet (high-glycemic carbohydrates).


The A1c Blood Test- Knowing Your Average Blood Sugar Level

An easy-to-understand video about how an “A1c” blood test works. The A1c test measures your average blood sugar over a 3-month period. Average blood sugar is a more accurate way of diagnosing high blood sugar problems (which indicate diabetes and/or insulin resistance), since the single glucose test reading (the normal AM “fasting glucose test”) doesn’t capture how high blood sugar rises (and how high it may stay) throughout the day.


Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Robert H. Lustig, MD, Neuroendocrinologist and Professor of Pediatric Obesity at the UCSF Medical Center, discusses the damage caused by sugary foods and the link between sugar and the metabolic syndrome.


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