Pure, White, and Deadly

In 1972, Dr. John Yudkin, a British doctor and physiologist, published a treatise on the dangers of sugar based on his 15 years of research. Way ahead of his time, Yudkin warned that sugars, not dietary fats, were detrimental to human health and were the actual cause of the metabolic syndrome (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol imbalance, and cardiovascular disease), and that society’s ever increasing consumption of sugar would lead to the widespread health problems we have today.

Yudkin’s book is long out of print and difficult to find. I located a .pdf copy and am providing here for download. It’s a fascinating, must read for anyone interested in the subject.

Science Magazine: The Soft Science of Dietary Fat

Gary Taubes won the prestigious 2001 Science in Society Journalism Award for this article in Science Magazine. Taubes tracks the history of our linking dietary fats to metabolic disorders, stating that the medical community and the federal government have relied upon misinterpreted scientific data on nutrition to build the prevailing paradigm about what constitutes healthful eating. Taubes argues the case that — contrary to the conventional wisdom — it is refined carbohydrates that are responsible for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and many other maladies of civilization, not dietary fat.

Taubes studied applied physics at Harvard University and aerospace engineering at Stanford University (MS, 1978). He received a master’s degree in journalism at Columbia University in 1981. Since the publication of “The Soft Science of Dietary Fat,” Taubes has won the Science in Society Award two additional times and was awarded the MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellowship for 1996-97. He is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation independent investigator in health policy. Taubes’s investigative article is still considered one of the premier treatises on the issue.


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